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\JR as it is sometimes designated Clydesdale, is a large, populous, and highly important manufacturing district, in the western part of the Lowlands or southern division of Scotland ; bounded by Dumfries-shire on the south, the counties of Ayr and Renfrew on the west, tboBe of Dumbarton and Stirling on the north, Linlithgowshire and Edinburghshire on the south-east, and Peebles on tho oast. Its extreme length (from south-south-east to north-north-west) is somewhat more than fifty miles, and its greatest breadth in the middle (from east to west) is about thirty-four miles ; it includes within its area about nine hundred and forty-two square milos of land, and three square miles of takes} about one-half of the entire is calculated to be under cnltivation. At an early period this extensive district was, for convenience, divided into two wards, called the Over Ward and the Nether Ward, Lanark being the chief town and seat of justice of the former, and Rutberglen of the latter ; this arrangement was altered during the last century, when tho county was divided into three wards, namely, the Upper, the Nether or Lower, and the Middle Wards, the chief towns being Glasgow, Lanark, and Hamilton, and each district subject to the jurisdiction of a sheriff-substitute. The central part of tho county throughout is termed Clydesdnle, or the Vale of Clyde, from being the basin of that boautiful and useful river, of which wo shall say more hereafter. Throughout the arduous struggle for Scottish independence, Lanark was the theatre of many miseries and military excesses. Under the roign of James I. a portion of the county was taken from it, and formed into the district of Renfrew. At a subsequont date, the turbulence of the Douglasses, with the intrigues of the first Lord Hamilton, involved Lanarkshire in the various calamities consequent upon intestine warfare ; it subsequently became subject to a thirty years' civil commotion, stimulated by the persecution of the mora Zealous preshyterians of this district by Charles I.; tho revolution of 1688, however, was the harbinger of a more tranquil future, and It has ever Bince advanced in wealth and every species of improvement.

Soil, Produce, Manufactures, Climate, &c. The upper division of tho county is Tory mountainous; from Tinto, looking northwards, the face of the country is softened down to gentle elevations and gradual depressions. The Upper Ward, which may be deemed three-flths of the county, is mostly hilly and moorish ; and from the nature of the soil and the altitude of the surface cannot be considered susceptible of much agricultural improvement. At tho commencement of tho Middlo Ward, the elevation of the land is obviously diminished, while the declivity continues descending towards the north-west; the surface is everywhere diver- sified by frequent inequalities, so as to leave no level space except the valleys along the river ; indeed tho Middle Ward, though esteemed a good agricultural district, is nearly ono third moss land. The Lower Ward is of a very limited extent, and derives its justly acquired importance from being the s.at of a most abundant population. The commencement of improvement in soil and cultivation, in this part of Scotland, was not apparent until about the middle or nearer tho end of the eighteenth century; from this period, draining, planting, and enclosing took placo in various districts; wheat, barley and oats (the two latter more abundantly) are produced from different soils in the county; potatoes are planted in considerable quantities; turnips are sown pretty generally, and artificial grasses are profusely raised in every direction. Some flux is likewise grown, which is spun by females, who dispose of the yarn in the markets of Lanark, Biggar, Carnwath, and other places. Gardens and orchards occupy many acres of land, par- ticularly on the hanks of the Clyde; in this part they are of the most luxuriant growth, tho orchards consisting chiefly of apple, pear, and plum trees. In the neighbourhood of Carluke strawberries are also grown in abundance. The inhabitants of the inland and upland districts breed and graze great numbers of black cattle and sheep. In mineral productions, Lanarkshire is, perhaps, the richest in Scotland. Gold to an important amount was, at an early period, found in this county; and in later days, on tho sides of a rivulet called the Wenlock, small pieces of that precious metal, in a pure state, have frequently been picked up from among the sand and soil brought down by tho torrents from the precipices and slopes of the mountains; particles of gold have also been found in Crawford Muir, with some large pieces of lapis lazuli. At present plentiful supplies of lead may be had In the parish of Crawford; and coal, ironstone, limestone, freestone, sandstone, whiustone, fire-clay, and a variety of other metalic, mineral, and fossil substances are to be obtained abundantly in different districts of the county. The lead mines belonging to the Earl of Hopetoun, at Leadhills, afford employment and maintenance to a large number of workmen. Owing to the discovery of large quantities of bituminous shale, the manufacture of paraffin oil has been extending very rapidly in the neighbourhoods of Airdrie, Coatbridge, and other places, and this manufacture bids fair soon to become one of the most important in the district. Glasgow being the paramount seat of the manufactures for which Lanarkshire is so eminently distinguished, it is unnecessary in this article to treat of the subject at any length, as under the head of that most important city unsparing notice will be taken of whatever ia con- nected with its commerce and products ; it need only be mentioned iu this place that the cotton goods for which Glasgow is the vast depository are to a very considerable extent woven in different villages and parishes iu tho county, and that this branch of manu- facture alone yields support to a very large proportion of the dense population.

Rivers, Mountains, and Railways. The principal river is the noble and pre-eminently useful Clyde, which is formed by tho concentration of a number of straggling burns and rivulets, rising amid the mountains, and issuing from the wateri which separate Lanarkshire from the counties of Peebles and Dumfries. The chief of these tributaries are the Powtrail water, the Grook burn, d&d the Even and Elvan waters ; these coalescing compose a stream that, after flowing about two miles, receives an accession, flrrt from Glengonar wnter, and next from Duneaton water, which constitute properly the river Clyde, at a distance of upwards of twelve miles from the highest springs of its fountains. The Clyde flows in a longitudinal direction, in a winding course of more than sixty mijes, dividing the county into two nearly equal parts, and ultimately falls into the Firth of Clyde, opposite tho Isle of Bute. It ranks amongst the largest rivers of Scotland, and is navigable for vessels of ono thousand tons burthen as far as the city of Glasgow. It waterB and conduces to the fertility of delightful valleyB, and in its progress forms several falls and cascades of a picturesque and romantic character particularly " the Falls of Clyde," which, with the beautiful scenery around, possess an almost irresistibly attrac- tive influence in the minds and over the feeliDgs of visitors for pleasure, and admirers of natural lovlioess. On either side, the grand river receives a variety of tributaries, all of them respectively of important advantage in their application to the machinery of manu- facturing and agricultural mills; the most prominent of these secondary rivers within the shire are the Douglas water, the Mouse, tho Nethan, the Aven, the Cald' r, the North Calder, and the Kelvin ; there are other minor streams, of still leas magnitude and coDse- qnence, as the Elwin, tho Little Clyde, the Cotten, the Logan, and the Avon. The greatest elevations of this country, with their altitude above the level of the sea, are:— The Lowther Hills, 2,450 feet; Tinto, 2,236; Culter Fell, 1,700; Welstoun Mount, 1,550; Leven Seat, 1,250; and Dickmount Hill, 700. The numerous Hues of rail which permeate this county have given such facilities for the transmission of its products and its wants as to cause considerable change in its character, and also' in tho relative position of a largo portion of its population.

Divisions, Representation, &c— Lanarkshire comprises (including the city parishes of Glasgow) forty-nine parishes and two parts of parish: s, which form four presbyteries in the synod of Glasgow and Ayr ; it contains five royal and parliamentary burgliB Glasgow, Airdrie, Lanark, Rutherglen, and Hamilton. The county returns two representatives to tho Imperial legislature; the city of Glasgow elects three members ; and the royal burgh of Lanark, in conjunction with Hamilton and Airdrie in this county, Linlitbgow, in the county of that name, and Falkirk, in Stirlingshire, contribute another member. The present members for the county are for the Northern Division, Sir Thomas Edward Colebrook, of Crawford, Bart, (who is also lord lieutenant), and for the Southern Division, John GleDcairn Carter Hamilton, Esq., of Dalziel. The parliamentary constituency of the Northern Division was in 1881-82, 10.736, that of the Southern Division being 3,695. This county, according to the census returns of 1871, contained a population of 377,874 males and 387,465 females ; total, 765,839. In 1681 the figureB were : males, 449,192 ; females, 455,213 ; total, 904,405, showing an increase ovor 1871, of 139,066. Tho number of inhabited houses at the last named year was 180,167 ; uninhabited, 23,486 ; building, 934.

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XlIRDRLE is a thriving market and post town, and a burgh of barony (recently separated from tho parish of New Monkland, and erected iuto a quoad sacra parish), 18 miles n.n.e. from Lanark, 31 w. from Edinburgh, and 11 e. from Glasgow; eligibly situated on the great or middle road between tbe two cities, and occupying a rising ground with its principal slope to the west. The advance of Airdrie 1ms been very rapid, and it is now one of tho most nourish- ing inland towns in Scotland ; its commercial prosperity being attributable to the largo earnings of the vast numbers employed at the various iron smelting works, rniues, collieries, and oil works with wbich the district abounds. There are also several engineer- ing works and ironfoundries in tho town, amongst which those of Messrs. Dick & Stevenson, Messrs. Stevenson & Miick.iy, and Messrs. Gibb and Hogg take a prominent lead, and who, with somo others of less note, contribute largely to the sources of prohtable employment. Tbe country is intersected in every direction by rail- roads for tbe transmission of coal, &e. to tho various ironworks, and to Glasgow, with which city, and every part of the kingdom, communication is maintained several times daily. The Monkland canal also approaches within a mile and a half of tbe town. Exclu- sive of tbe iron and coal works, no inconsiderable number are employed in the Airdrie coUou works. Hand loom weaving, which at one time occupied largo numbers in the town, is now almost extinguished by the introduction of steam power. At Moffat and Caldercruix, silk and calico printing and paper manufacturing are in full operation. Branches of the Bank of Scotland, the Royal, the National, tho Clydesdale, and the British Linen Company Banks are settled here. There are excellent hotels and posting establishments.andthe shops for general supply are well stored with every nccessury article for the demand of a busy population. Tho Advertiser, a highly respectable newspaper, is printed and published here weekly, by the enterprising firm of Messrs. Baird & Hamilton, and is ably edited and enjoys a very extensive circu- lation.

The burgh consists of several principal streets, with others of a smaller class diverging from them ; it is built on a regular plan, has many excellent houses, is lighted with gas, and well supplied with good water. It possesses a town hall, ornamented with a spire and clock. There is also a handsoino pile called the County Build- ings, in which tbe sheriff court is held every Tuesday and Friday ; a justice of peaco court every Monday and Thursday, and in which are also the offices of the sheriff clerk, the clerk of the peace, the procurator fiscal, and other public functionaries. The burgh is governed by a regular bench of magistrates, cumposed of a provost, three bailiesand eight councillors, with a treasurer and town clerk; it unites with Lanark, Hamilton, Linlithgow and Falkirk in retum-

j ing one nTcmber to Parliament. The places of worship comprise I those of tho Established church, the Free church, United Presby- j teriau church, Reformed Presbyterian, Evangelical Union, Baptist, i and Roman Catholic chapels. The town has several good schools, ' among which is the Airdrie Academy, opened in 1319. and erected l at the sole expense of tho proprietor, Mr. Alcxauder, of Airdrie ! Hall, at an outlay of upwards of £2,50). In the surrounding neigh- ; bourhood there are mauy naat modern, villas and handsome resi- dences; Airdrie House, a short distance to tho west of the town, stands amidst some fine pleasure grounds. The market days are Tuesday aud Saturday j lairs are held on the last Tuesday iu May and the third Tuesday m November. Tho population of the burgh in 1871 was 13,433, and in 1881, 13,363.

Clarkston is a village in tbe parish of New Monkland, two miles east from Airdrie, on tho principal road between Edinburgh aud Glasgow, containing a church of tho Establishment and a Board | school.

Calderbank is a considerable village, also in tho parish of New Monkland, about two miles south from Airdrie ; this place derives its importance from the Monkland Iron Company, Limited, whoso works are situated bore. Population in 1871, 2,139.

Chapelhall is a village m the parish of Both well, hut in tho postal district of Airdrie ; it lies about a mile east from Oalderbank, and is, like that place, chiefly dependent on the works of the Monkland Iron Company, Limited. There aro two places of worship, a Free Presbyterian and one for Roman Catholic ; also two schools. Population in 1871, 1,7U7.

Glenhavis is a village iu New Monkland* parish, one and a half miles from Airdrie ; the parish church and sellouts aro situated here.

Greengairs is a village in New Monkland parish, 4,% miles N.£. horn and in the postal district of Airdrie ; there is a Freo church and an Established church and a Board school. The village is situated in an extensive coal district. Population in 1871, 450.

. Plains is a small village one and a half miles east from Clarkston, in the parish of New Monkland, aud is a station on the .Monkland District of the North British Railway. There are two forges in tins neighbourhood for the manufacture of shovels, &c, and a short distance further east, at Caldercruix, are the exten- sive calico printing works of Mr. John Gluu, and the paper works of Messrs. Robert Craig & Sons.

Rawyards, Whiter! gg^ Stand, Drcjigelloch and Moffat ave small villages iu the parish of New Monkland, and postal district at Airdrie ; at the last named place is a second paper works of Messrs. Robert Craig & Sons, and also a silk printing establishment.


JESSIE MILLAR, Post Mistress.


From EUnburgh, Glas^oW, the South and all parts at eight morning. From Glasgow and the North at twenty minutes after twelve noon. From Edinburgh, Glasgow and the South at fifty minutes past two afternoon. From Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, Ireland and all parts at seven evening.


To Glasgow and the We3t Coast at forty-five minutes past nine morning.

To Edinburgh and the East Coast of England and Scotland at forty five minutos past eleven morning and at four afternoon.

To Edinburgh, Glasgow, Coatbridge and South of Scotland at forty-five minutes past twelve afternoon.

To Glasgow, Coatbridge, England, Ireland and all parts at forty minutes past four afternoon.

To England, Ireland and all parts of Scotland at eight night.

Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. POST OFFICE, Calderbank, William Smith, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at ten minutes past nine morning and fifty minutes past three afternoon, and are despatched thereto at fifty-five minutes past ten morning and fifty-five minutos past fivo evening.

Telegraph Office. The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.

Post Office, Chapelhall, George M. Russell, Post Master. Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at ton morning and hatf- pr.St four afternoon, and are despatched thereto at thirty-five minutes past ten morning and half-past five evening.

The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.

Post Office, Clarkston, James M'Hntohison, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at nine morning, and are despatched thereto at thirty minutes past three afternoon.

The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.

Post Office, Whiteuigg, James Thomson, Post Master. Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at fifty-five minutes past eurnt morning aud. forty iniuules past three afternoon, and are despatched thereto at lifiy-five minutes past eight morning and at lour afternoon

The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.






GENTRY & CLERGY. Adam Mr. James, Victoria pi Adam Mrs. Mary, Broomfield Adamsoa Sir. James O. Marchmont Addie Mr. Alexander, Croftland Cottage Addie James, Esq. j.p. Wester Moffat,C larks- ton Aitken Andrew, Esq j. p. Miller's pi Alexander Major , Cairnhill [bead

Alston Mrs. Elizabeth, Lee Bank, Common- Alston Mr. James M. m.d. Greenbank, 70

Clark st Alston Mr. Jobn M. Beoch Bank Arnott Mr. George IT. Clydesdale Bank,

Grabam fit Arthur Mr. George, West Parkbill Artbur Hugh, Esq. m.d, Fruitlield Ilouse Baird Mr. Johu, Caxton Villa Baird William, Esq. 7 Albert pi Ban- Rev. Alexander, Graham's bill Berry Rev. David, Albert pi Black Gavin, Esq. Easier Moffat [head

Black John, Esq, J. p. View bank, Common- Black William, Esq. Stnnrigg House Blackadder Mr. Alexander, Coulter Villa Boyd Rev. John M'Gaviu, The Manse, New

Monkland Brauder Rev. James, b.d. Manse, Clarkston Brown Rev. Thomas, Greengairs Brown W. A. Esq. Rochsoles House Buchan Rev. James, m.a. Roseville Carmichael Rev. Peter, m.a., b.d. Common- side st Chapman Mr. James, Cotnnaonkead House Chapman Mr. Thomas, CoruniouheadHou.se Clark Mr. Thomas, Springhill House Cowie Mrs. , Alma Vale House, Drum- gelloch Craig Mr. Jobn, Springbrao, by Airdrie Crichlon Mr. Archibald C. Gartness, by Air- drie Cullen James, Esq. m.d. 80 South Bridge st Cullen Mr. William, Ashgiove Villa, Alex- ander st Dalziell Mr. , Allan Bank, Clarkston B>ick Mrs. Jauet, Uosedale, Alexander st Dick Mr. John, Willowpark Cottage Dowall Mr. John, Springfield Cottage,

Clarkston Downie Mr. Malcolm, 61 Grabam st Drinnan Mr. Johu, Raebog Cottage Feme William, Esq. j.p. Cardarroeb House Ferrier Mrs. , Croft Park House, Druin-

gelloch Findlay George, Esq. j.p. Stanley Forbes Mr. James, Biggar Bank Forrester Mrs. , Drumgelloch Cottage [st

fry Rev. Samuel Campbell, Manse, Graham ulton Rev. William, Victoria pi Gemmell Mr. Thomas, h.b. Sornbanic Gibb Mr. David, 52 Graham st Gibb Mr. William, Graham st Gillespie Rev. William, Free Church Manse,

41 Alexander st Goldie Mr. Hamilton, Chapelsido Goldie Thomas, Esq. j.p. Lily bank Gray Mr. James, Graham'3 hill Hamilton Mr. James, East Parkbill Hamilton Mrs. Jemima, Beaconsfield Cottage Hamilton Robert, Esq. j.p. Willowbank, 96

Alexander st Henderson Mrs. Hannah, Chirnside Cottage

Quarry rd Henderson Mr. James, Victoria pi Hogg Mr. John, Victoria pi Houston Mr. Alox. Ivy Bauk, Drumgelloch Jameson Mr. William G. 22 Graham st Jeffrey Mr. Thomas, Thrush Cottage, Com-

monbead Kirkland Mr. James, Alexander st Knox Mrs. Jeanie G. Myrtle bank, Clark st Kyd Rev. J. Victoria pi Lung Mrs. , Lnnghank Lawrie Mr. John, 130 Graham et Lawson Rev. Robert W. Albert pi M-Donald Mr. Hugh F. Freeland Bank,

Drumgelloch Maofarlane Thomas A. Esq. Jacksonville M'lutosh Rey. James, 92 Hallcraig st Mack Mr. Win. Springbok!, Drumgelloch Mackenzie Rev. Hugh M. Free Church

Manse, Cbapelhall M'Vicker Mr. Hamilton, Woodvillo House, Cbapelhall [Alexander st

Main Mrs. Margaret, Burnbank Cottnge, 89 Mair Wm. Ludovic, Esq. s.s. Airdrie House Marshall Mr. Richard, Gartness House,

Moffat, by Airdiio Martin Mr. Telford, Miller's pi Martin Mr. Telford S. Miller's pi Millar Rev. Robert S. Calderbank Mitchell Mr. Alexander M'Gregor. Ros°

Hall Lodge Mitchell David, E^q. j.p. 32 South Bridge st Mitchell James, Esq. jj?. Auehengray Houso Mitchell Mr. Matthew R. 82 South Brid«y st Motherwell Alexander Black, Esq. British Linen Co. Bank, East High st "

Motherwell Gavin B. Esq. Arran View Mothorwell John, Esq. of Rawyards Mair Rev. James, Riggend Murray Francis, Esa. j.p. Monkland House O'Hear Mr. Edward," 92 High st Paterson Rev. David H. Established Chnrch Manse [pi

Paterson Rev. John, U. P. Mauso, Victoria Paterson Mr. Johnston, Braehoad Cottage,

Moffat, by Airdrie Poddie Mr. James, 13 Aitcheson st Rankin Gavin, Esq. Wester Myvot Rankin Miss Janet, Willowbank House, 31

Alexander st Raukiu Patrick, Esq. of Garngibbock Runkin Walter, Esq. Wester Myvot Reid Uev. William, Alexander st Robertson John, Esq. j.p. Meadowbank Robertsou Mr. John, jun. Airdrie House Cottage [Bank st

Rodger Robert M. Esq. j.p. Royal Bank, Rose Archibald Young, Esq. Groenbank Cot- tage, Quarry rd Rusjell Mrs. Helen, Armour Villa Russell James, Esq. j.p. Grabam st Russell Jobn, Esq. Bedford Cottago, Com- moubead [st Rutherford Miss Christina, 88 Comraonhead Shearer Mrs. Margaret, S3 North Bridge st Simpson Mr. Dundas, Monkland valley Simpson Mr. James, 8 Albert pi Smith Mr. Matthew, Bank Head Cottage Spencer James, Esq. Victoria pi Stevenson Mr. Grabam, Morton Villa, Vic- toria pi Stevenson Mr. Robert, Beithmount Strain Mr. Hugh, Graham's Hill Houso Sutherland Mr. James, Drumgelloch Swan Mr, Thomas, 6 East High st Thomson Mrs. Ann, Anulield Thomson Mrs. Isabella, Cremona Thomson James, Esq. j.p. Park Villa, Roch-

solloch Thomson Mrs. Jane, Swiss Villa Thomson Mr. John, Rochsolloch Tod Mr. Henry, 25 High st Tod Mr. Robert, 25 High st Van Stiphout Rev. Hubert, Cbapelhall Waddeli Mrs.—, Rosemount, Drumgelloch Waddell Mrs. Elizabeth, Whinball Waddeli Mr. James, Airdrio hill Waddell Matthew, Esq. North Medrox Waddeli Mr. Patrick, WhinhaU Watt John, Esq. j.p. Drumgay Watt Robert, Esq. Burnsido House IVilson James, Esa. j.p. Easter Mavishank


(See also Fire, <&c. Office Agents.)

Chapman Jas. (for Stubbs'& Co.), 16 Bank st

Findlay G°orge (for Cantrell & Cochrano'a &

Ross & Co.'s aerated waters), 52 A 54 South

Bridge st Henry J. & A. (for the Allan, the State, the

Cunard, & the Anchor lines of Btoam

ships), 29 North Bridge st HoUonJ. & E. (for sewing machines), 74

Stirling st Jameson William G. (for the Money Order

Bank, Limited), County buildings Love William (for the Royal Liver Friendly

Society), 4 Clark st Martyn David (for Robert Murray, dyer,

Glasgow), 4 South Bridge st Morrison Alexander (emigration & shipping

agent for New Zealand Government),

Hallcraig House Munn & Herbert (for S. Withers & Co.'s

safes, & Government emigration to Queens- laud), 15 Bank st Prentice Adam (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers,

Perth), 4 Anderson st Scott John (laud), 8 East High st Spence Jobn & Sons (for Wright & Co.'s

patent ondless flame impact hot water

boilers, patent simplex machine belting,

locomotive brass & copper tubes, rollers,

malleable iron tubes, &c.)t 11 & 13 Stirling

st. & 9 Louden st. Airdrie, & Main st.

Coatbridge See advertisement

ALE & PORTER RETAILERS. Murray John, Aroubead Taylor Pttor, Glentoro Wybar George, 33 Stirling st

ARCHITECTS & SURVEYORS. Baird & Arthur, Market buildings Shearer Alexander, 33 North Bridge st Thomson James & Sou, 28 Anderson st

AUCTIONEERS. Gentlts George (& messeuger-at-arms), 7

Stirling st Munn Alexander H. {& valuator), 15 Bank st

ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS. Board Schools : Airdrie hill— James Millar, master Aitchisonst— William Service, m.a. head

master Broomknoll st (Airdrie Academy) David

Macvey, m.a. masier; Annie Addie,

mistress Caldercruix— William R. Wiseman, master Cbapelhall John Gibb, master; Joanna

Gibb, mistress Clarkstou— Hugh L. Home, head master ;

George Simpson, second master; Ellen

Henderson, mistress Flowerbill st John Craig Carlylo, master ;

Barbara M. M'Callum, mistress Greengairs— James Arthur, master ; Agnes

Govan, mistress New Monkland John Macarthnr, master Rawyards Christina Walker, mistress Riggend Janet Paterson, mistress Roughrigg— John Macarthur, master Free Church School, Buchanan st— Ann

A. Herriot, mistress Monkland Works School, Calderbank— David W. M'Pherson, master; Jane Murdoch, mistress Rohan Catholic Schools: Cbapelhall— Margaret Cairuey, mistress Hallcraig st (boys') Henry Bamien, mas- ter ; Agnes Welsh, mistress of girls St. John's Episcopal School, Chapel st— Thomas F. Cowan, master; Kate M'Nab,

assistant mistress

ACCOUNTANTS. Finnic R. 66 South Bridge st Gentles George, 7 Stirling st Henry J. & A. 29 North Bridge st Rose Archibald Joim, 10 East High st

AERATED WATER, &c. MANUFAC- TURERS. Bell R. & G. 87 South Bridge st Steel Adam, 25 Coru:n m^ide st


Airdrie Bread Society, Limited, ISO High st. & 6 Graham st

Baillie Robert (pastry), 01 Johnston st

Baird Thomas, Cbapelhall

Balderston Lawrence (pastry), 2 Stirling sfc

Black William & Sons, Wkiterigg& Meadow- field Stores

Cbapelhall Co-operative Society, Limited, Chapelhall

Darnley Agnes (pastry), 8 East High st

Galloway William, Chapelhall

Gardener Archibald, 75 Uraham st

Gardner Alexander, 101 High st

Gibson Peter, Clarkston

Gibson Tiioimis, 54 High st

Howson Thomas, 72 South Bridge st

Monkland Iron Co. Limited, Calderbank

Murray John, Greengairs

Paterson Alexander, 86 Stirling st

Paterson William, Chapelhall

Peters Ellen, lOd Graham st

Peters Matthew, b High st

Russell John, 90 Stirling st

Sword George, 9 Aloxauder st

Taylor James, Rawyards

Thomson James, 79 High st

Walker Robert, 8 High st

Wheollon James, 19 Chapel st

Wybar George (pastry), 33 Stirling st ^^'. ' " ■'■ *


Bank of Scotlaiwj, LoiiTEn (Branch), 82 South Bridget— draws on the head office, Edinburgh & brandies ; on the Bank of England: Smith, Payne & Smiths, & Courts & Co. London ; &, on the Bank of Ireland, Dublin— David Mitchell, Esq. J.p, agent; Thomas Swan, accountant ; A. W. Thomson, teller

British Linen Co. Bank (Branch), East High st draws on own office, Bank of England, & Smith, Payne & Smiths, Lon- don—Alexander Black Motherwell, agent ; Andrew Thomson Alston, accountant

Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), Gra- ham et draws on the head office, Glasgow; and on own office. London George H. Arnott, agent ; T. B. Gray, accountant

National Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), Grabam st— draws on the head office, Edinburgh; & Glvn, Mills, Curric 8c Co. London— J an jes Krs-^dkt John Sntbt-r- land, joint agents ; Alexander Rufli ill , accountant

a U





BANKS continued.

Royal Bank or Scotland (Branch), Bank Bt draws on the head, office, Editfburgta, & branches ; Contts & Co. & the Bank of England, London, & tho Bank of Ireland, Dublin, & branches, & on Belfast Banking Co. & branches— Robert M. Rodger, agent ; Andrew Shanks, accountant

Airdrie Savings Bank, 40 Stirling st— James Knox, actuary


Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie Iron Works, Mill st

B rookie Alexander, Clarkston

Chalmers Henry, Glenmavis

Gardnor John, Plains

Gray James, 23 South Bridge st

Millar Gavin, Chapelhall

Mnir James, East Glentora

Ramage James, Glenmavis

Reid James, 4 Aitchison st

Reid John K. Greengairs

Robertson Robert, S North Bridge st

Smith James & Co. Well wyud

Stevenson and Mackay (& engineers, iron founders, & boiler makers), Chapel Street Engine Works See advertisement

Weir Alexander, Gartlee rd

Louden Thomas, 100 High st

Mathieson James, 22 South Bridge st

Mathieson John, 116 High st

Maxwell Robert, 1 & 3 Chapel st [Bridge st

Paterson Robert (upholsterer), 65 South

Taylor James, 23 Stirling st

BOILER MAKERS. Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie Iron Works, Mill st Dick & Stevenson, Airdrie Engine

Works— See advertisement Stevenson and Mackay, Chapel Street

Engine Works— See ' advertitement


Baird & Hamilton (& letterpress printers & publishers of the Advertiser, Lanarkshire Examiner, and Rutlierglen Reformer news papers), 44 & 46 Graham Bt

Cairns Daniel D. 16 South Bridge st

Craig John, 42 Stirling at

Jack Margaret, 64 South Bridge st

Lawson Archibald, 19 Graham st

Love Misses , 9 Bank st

Love Jane, 89 High st

Paterson Robert (& colporteur), 12 Clark st

Thomson Andrew, 22 South Bridge st

BOOT & SHOE MAKERS. Aitken John D. 39 Well wynd Allan John, 55 High st Bell James, 8 Aitchison st Bingham James, Greengairs Brown William, 11 High st Calderhank Co-operative Society, Limited,

C alder bank Cullen Andrew, 43 Stirling st Dobbie James, 81 South Bridge st Forsyth John, 12 Bank st Gardner Alexander, 50 South Bridge st [st Gray John& Co. (manufacturers), 34 Graham Gray Tbonias A. 60 Graham st Hay John, Calderbank M'Cormack Johnston, 42 North Bridge st M'Hutchison James, Clarkston M'Ktnnell & Anderson, 29 Stirling st Bamsay William, Plains Scales William, Calderbank Sbaw James, 56 Stirling st Simpson Andrew, 69 South Bridge st Thorn Alexander, 8 South Bridge st White Alexander, 53 South Bridge st White Alexander, 46 North Bridge st


Dick &. Stevenson, Airdbie Engine Works See advertitement

Gibb & Hogg, Victoria Engine Works

Spence John & Sons (castings, finished and unfinished, of all patterns ; steam, gas and water fittings), 11 & 13 Stirling st. and 9 Louden st. Airdrie, & Main st. Coatbridge— See advertisement

Stevenson & Mackay, Chapel Street En- gine Works— Sec advertisement


Black William & Sons, Stanrigg Brick

Works ; Glasgow office, 49 Jamaica st

CABINET MAKERS. Beilby John (upholsterer), 7 Hallcraig st Donnelly James, 52 Chapel st Eadie & Colquhoun, 128 & 128 Graham st Gordon Hugh, 134 Graham st Irvine Thomas, 155 Chapel st

CARTWRIGHTS. Anderson Peter, Clarkston More William, Glenmavis Shanks & Motherwell, 12 to 16 Anderson st Taylor John, Rawyards Thomson John, Plains

CHEMISTS & DRUGGISTS. Harvie John, 68 Stirling st fc

Herbert Flora, 1 & 3 High st Kirkland James, 1 South Bridge st Paterson Elizabeth, 99 Graham st



BROKERS. Carlin Mary Ann, 3 Stirling st Clow William H. 97 Stirling st Cowau Robert R. 5 Stirling st Feely Sarah, 90 High st Gibson James, 41 Bell st Lavell John, 19 High sfe M'Clure Samuel, 49 & 51 Well wynd M'Douald Margaret, 16 Alexander st M'Hafifie James, 107 High st M'Kenna Daniel, 106 Stirling st Maxwell Robert, 1 & 3 Chapel st Stewart John, 53 Chapel st


Clark Henry, Broomknoll at

Kirkwood William, Star Hotel, 49 Chapel at

M'Lintock Mary, Royal Hotel, 1 Graham st

COACH BUILDERS. Fleming- & Taylor, Airdrie Coach Works, Callon st


Adam John, Gartiee rd

Airdrie Coal Co. Airdrie House Colliery

Avoubead Coal Co. Avonhead

Bellsdyke Coal Co. Bellsdyke Colliery

Black William & Son, Stanrigg, Browny- side,Arden, Airdrie Hill & Southfield Collieries, Whitcrigg ; Glasgow office, 49 Jamaica st

Broomfield Coal Co. Broomfield Colliery

Brownrigg Coal Co. Brownrigg Colliery; Glasgow office, 02 Robertson st

Drumbowie & Dryflat Coal Co. Drumbowie & Dryflat Collieries ; Glasgow office, 12 Dixon st [liery

Drumshangie Coal Co. Drumshangie Col-

Ferrier & Strain, Airdrie, Chapelside, Hall- hill, Bartibeith, Nettlehole and Rigg Col- lieries ; Glasgow office, 16 St. Enoch sq

Forrester Robert, Roughrigg Colliery

Gemmeli James, West Lougrigg

Glentore Coal Co. Limited, 8 East High st. & Glentore Colliery— Gavin Black Motherwell, secretary ; Glasgow office, 118 West Regent st G. H. Brunton, agent

Howi^son Alexander, Riggend Colliery

Limerigg Coal Co. Limited, 8 East High st Gavin B. Motherwell, secretary; Glasgow office, 5 Dixon st— William Barr, agent

M'Alister Robert, Roadside Colliery, Watts- town

M'Callum John A. Raebog Colliery

Marshall Robert, Thrashbush Colliery; Glasgow office, 198 St. Vincent st

Mitchell Matt. R. Meikle Drumgray Colliery

Monkland Iron Co. Limited, Monkland Works, Calderbank & Chapelhall— William Ferrie, managing director

Nimmo James & Co. Long Riggend ; office, 20 Dixon st. Glasgow

Ranltin John, Drumgray Colliery; office, 28 St. Enoch square, Glasgow

Rankin Patrick, Darngavel & Grayrigg Col- lieries

Rawyards Coal Co. Limited, 8 East Hitrh Ft. & Rawjards Gavin Slack Motherwell, secretary; Walter Stirling, manager; Glas- gow office, 28 St. Enoch square John Brown, agent [yards

Robertson John & Son, Mill Colliery, Raw-

Rochsolloch Coal Co. Rochsolloch

Roughcraig Coal Co. Ronghcraig

Shotts Iron Co. Plains

Springbank Coal Co. Plains

Stand Coal Co. Stand Colliery

Summerlee Iron Co. Plains

Walker William H. Springwell Colliery

Young John & Sons, Drumgray


CONFECTIONERS. Andrew George, 35 South Bridge st Balderston Laurence, 2 Stirling st Bute James, 70 & 72 High st Callander Jonathan, 19 South Bridge st Darnley Agnes, 10 East High st Fisher Catherine, 5 East High st Gibson Gavin, 138 Graham st Hood James, 89 & 41 Stirling st M'Ara Mary, 18 Broomknoll Bt Paton Joseph, Clarkston Peters Matthew, 5 High st [Bridge st

Revie John {and wholesale), 76 and 78 South Smitli Margaret, 44 Stirling st Weir Bethea, 44 Graham st Wybar George, 83 Stirling st

CONTRACTORS. Binney John, 86 South Bridge st Boyd Robert, 71 Chapel st Frew John, 87 Louden st M'Lay John, 15 Aitcheson st Mitchell William, 41 South Bridge st Pato Thomas & Son, Broomknoll st Paterson Robert, 89 Chapel st Young James (railway), Graham's hill

COOPERS. Brash Robert, 11 South Bridge st Kay James, 20 High st

CORN & FLOUR MILLERS. Forrest J. & T, Brownieaide Mill Waddell John, Airdrie Grain Mills, Mill st


Goldie Thomas & Co. Airdrie Cotton Mill

CURRIERS & LEATHER MERCHANTS* Callender P. & A. M. 46 South Bridge st Ewart Mary (and shoe furnisher), 9 and 11 Chapel st


Campbell Jane, 114 Graham st Kerr B. 105 Graham st M'Ara Isabella, Calderbank M'Nair Thomas, 167 Chapel st Mnnro Helen, 64 Stirling st Richmond John, 86 & 88 High st Tennant Andrew, Calderbank Walker Margaret, 58 High st Watson John, 43 South Bridge st Watson Margaret, 32 Alexander st


British Public House Co. Limited, 16 Broom"

knoll Bt John Pratt, manager Darnley Agnes, 8 East High st Mitchell Alexander (Commercia Tavern), 10

Anderson st Smith Margaret, 44 Stirling st Wylie Kennedy, 70 South Bridge st


(See lalso Iron Founders, and also Boiler


Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie Iron Works, Mill st

Dick tit. Stevenson (& makers of loco- motive & stationary engines, mine venrB- ating fans, &c), Airdrie Engine Works— Sen advertitement

Gibb & Hogg (4 tool makers), Victoria Engine Works

Smith James & Co. Well wynd

Spence John & Sons (& mill furnishers & metal merchants), 11 & 13 Stirling st. & 9 Louden st. Airdrie, <s Main at. Coatbridge Ste advertisement

Stevenson & Mackay {& manufacturers of stationary & portable engines & machi- nery of every description used in mills, col- lieries, iron works, &c), Chapel Street Engine Works See advertisement


Paterson Johnston, Braehead Cottage, Mof- fat

Rodger Robert M. (on Alrdris & Cairnhill es- tates, Lanarkshire ; factor & commissioner on Limerigg estate, in Stirlingshire; and on Garbett HMEstate.in Dumbartonshire; & laud valuator), Royal Bank, Bank st

Scott John (to the Anchengray, &c. estates), a tiast High st





■iiiken Johhi Loiinbead

Aitken John, Wester Glentoro

Aitken Thomas, Fiddlerland

Allan Arobibald, Staylea

Allan James, Meikle & Little, Drambreck

Allan John, Raebog

Allan Tbomas, Ballochney

Allan Tbomas, Leadmonford

Anderson Tbomas, Langdales

Arthur George, Shields

Ballocb John 6 James, Bellstane

Burr William, Arden

Ban* William, Midtown

Baxter John, Holehills

Black T. & J. Lcaend

Black William, Mnirend

Bowman David, Gartcoultor

Brown James, East Garimillan

Brycrs James, Drumbrow

Bryson Robert, Ryding mains

Buchanan Walter, Brownieside

Cairncross John, Woodhead

Cameron William, Summerhill

Chapman William W. Meadowbead

Clelland J. (reps, ol), Blalrlin

Cullen Archibald, Woodend

Cullen John, Kippsbyre

Cullen John, Gartlea

Curr David & W. Clacban

Denholm William, Mossiewood

Dickson William, Blairlhm

Donaldson James, Wardhcad

Dunlop John, Milncroft

Dnnsmore James, Springwells & Blast

Dunsmore James !■". Gaindkehead

Dykes James, Cromlot

Dykes John, Kipps

Fleming James, Uillhoad

Forbes John, Ha'brao

Forsyth Mrs. , North Myvot

Forsyth Mrs. , Spring-well

Forsyth David, FlowerhiU

Forsyth Elizabeth, Wester Craigneuk

Gardiner Elisabeth, East Greengairs, and

Blacktongue Gardner James, East Cullochrigg Gardner William, TJpperton, Glentore Gartshore Alexander, Marybur^h Gibson Robert, Braehead Gilchrist James, Badenheatb Goodlet Alexander, Bridgend Granger James, Pinwinnie Hamilton James, Burnfoot Hill George, Caldercruix Hodge Alexander, Craighead Hodge John, Stand

Hodge John, East field, & Cause way end Hunter J. A J. Easterton Jack William, Eirkstyle Jackson Robert, Drumbowie Jarvio Mrs. , Woodside Kirkwood Gilbert, Burnhead Lang William, Annothill Logan Archibald, Cameron M' Andrew , Longrigg M'Dougall Hugh, Craigend M'Farlane Andrew, Longrigg IT Laws George, Inchnock M'Lean James & Son, South Medrox M'Lean John, Wester Cullochrigg Main George, Limekilns Main William, Breckenhurst Marshall Margaret, Glen hove Morton John, East Meadowhead Motherwell John, Garngibbock, & Loanfoot Muir William, MosBide Muirbead William, Clayslap Faterson William, Tbrushtush Rankin Gavin, Glenboig Rankin George, Greyrigg Rankin James, South Myvot Rankin Patrick, Majiscroft Rankin Walter, Myvot Robb Alexander, Whitehill Robb James, Dryflatt Robb John, Palace Robb William, Rochsolloch Robertson John, West Girtmillan Russell Alexander, Crooked Dyke Scott James & William, Meadowlleld Scott John & James, Lochend Shanks Mrs. , Whiterigg Shanks David, Blackrigg Shanks George, Anldshields Shanks James, Hill of Drumgay Shanks James, Whlurigg Shanks John, Whiteside Shanks Jobn, Luckenhill Shanks Thomas, Drumshangie Shanks Thomas, Longriggend Shearer Archibald, Cleddans Smellie Duncan, Hagmuir Smelhe Tbomas, Bredenhill Smith James, Bogside Steel George, Glentoro Steel Robert, Blacklauds

Steel Robert, Playmuir, & Blackbill Steel Robert, Luckenburn Steel William, Cowbrae

Thomson John, Greendykeside Tbrrance William, Crossrigg Waddell Mrs. , Gain Waddell Gaven, West Arbucklo Waddell James, of Airdrie hill Waddell Matthew, North Medrox Walker Alexander, Drumgray Walker James, High & Laigb, Riggeud Watt Alexander, Rougbrigg Watt John, of Drumgray Watterstown Andrew, Rouglicraig Waugh Thomas, Avonhcad Wilson John, Greenfoot Wilson John, Rigg Wilson William, Easter Glentoro Wood Robert, Rawyards Wotherspoon Mrs. , Colliertree Wotherspoon Andrew, Caldercruix Wotherspoon John, Blairlinn Wright William, Boglea


Accident— Robert Watt, County buildings, & J. & A. Henry, 29 North Bridge st

Alliance Alexander Henry, 29 North Bridge st

Caledonian Robert Watt, County build- ings, George Gentles, 7 Stirling st. & Thus. A. Macfarlane, 47 South Bridge st

Caledonian Plate Glass J. & A. Henry, 29 North Bridge st

Crown (life) Thomas Swan, 32 South Bridge st [Bridge st

Edinburgh (fire) John Main, 10 South

Edinburgh (life)— Thomas A. Macfarlane, 47 South Bridge st.& Alexander Black Mother well, British Linen Co. Bank, East High st

English & Scottish Boiler— Robert Watt, County buildings [st

Equitable— Charles A. Simpson, Buchanan

General— J. & A. Honry, 29 North Bridge st

Grebham (life)— James A. Sellars, 25 & 27 Stirling st

Insurance Co. of Scotland— Jns. Russell. National Bank of Scotland, Graham st

Lancashire R. M. Rodger, Royal Bank, Bankst; Thomas A. Macfarlane, 47 South Bridge st; Thomas Clark, County build- ings ; and Rankin & Motherwell, 8 East High st

Life Association of Scotland James Russell, National Bank of Scotland. Graham st

London & Lancashire (Ore)— Thomas Swan, 32 South Bridge st

London & Staffordshire (fire) James Russell, National Bank, Graham st ; Malcolm Downie, 14 East High st; and George M. Russell, Chapelball

North British and Mercantile— David Mitchell, 82 South Bridge et ; and James Russell, National Bank, Graham st

Northern— Robert Watt, County baildings, & Mann & Herbert, 15 Bank st

Pho2nix (fire)— Jas. Russell, National Bank, Graham st

Queen A. & W. S. Ramsay, Bank st

Royal J. & A. Henry, 29 North Bridge st

Scottish Accident— J.& A. Henry, 29 North Bridge st [buildings

Scottish Amicablb— Robert Watt, County

Scottish Employers' Liability— J. & A. Henry, 29 North Bridge st

Scottish Equitable (life)— James Chap- man, 16 Bank st

Scottish Imperial— James Chapman, 16 Bank st ; Malcolm Downie, 14 East High st ; A R. J. & W. Adam, 18 Bank st. & 65 South Bridge st

Scottish Metropolitan (fire) Malcolm Downie, 14 East High st

Scottish Plaib Glass— George Gentles, 7 Stirling st

Scottish Provincial Wm. G. Jameson. County buildings ; Georga H. Arnott, Clydesdale Bank ; & Archibald John Rose, 16 East High st

Scottish Union & National— Rankin and Motherwell, 8 East High st ; George H Arnott, Clydesdale Bank; & A. B. Mother- well, British Linen Co. Bank, East High si

Scottish Widows' Fund (life)— William G. Jameson, Count; buildings

Standard— Robert M. Rodger, Royal Bank

United Kingdom Temperance & General George M. Russell, Chapelball

West of England— Robert M.Rodger, y ti Bank. Bank st